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Axis Services

  1. Pre-Construction Services
    Successful planning will lead to a successful project. At Axis, our pre-construction process will include a thorough review of design, budget, and schedule. Bringing in Axis early in this process is the best way to ensure a successful project outcome.
  2. General Contracting
    In addition to providing guidance and recommendations during the early stages of the project, Axis will also be the general contractor during the construction phase. We are responsible of the performance and quality of the trade contractors, safety, and budget.
  3. Construction Management
    Our role is to provide leadership and administration for the project, from planning and design completion and building startup. We will manage the work of other construction entities, coordinating and monitoring the various trade contractors who become direct(prime) contractors to you.
  4. Design Build
    This delivery method sets Axis apart from the competition. We provide our clients a cost-effective approach by eliminating a need to hire design firms to help reduce the design and construction schedules. Let Axis be your single point of contact with this method.
  5. Consulting Services
    Axis has 36 years construction experience in all facets of the building industry. We can make your project a reality.
  6. Energy Solutions
    Sustainability is a huge point of focus for each of our projects. Our major focus is energy consumption among the buildings we work on. Smart LED lighting packages is one of the many ways we can help.